Welcome to website dedicated to protest STOP SKARYSZEW 2012

In 2011 we were present at the horse market in Skaryszew. We saw there horses mass stuffed in trailers at night and during the day we saw drunk horse sellers treating animals worse than a subject.  We were looking into horses’ eyes who were sent in lasting few days terrible journey to slaughterhouses and the death waiting for them at the end is only release for them…

This year we are not going to watch. This year we want to say loud and clear: STOP!

Join us: 26 – 28. 02. 2012

Together we can STOP this hell!!!



„Horses from Skaryszew” action is still going, but we would like to remind that money cannot be collected by individual people. Only correct form of donation is transfer of money to the Foundation’s account with title ‘Stop Skaryszew donation’. Please remember – we have to act according to the law. Donation is a voluntary way of supporting the organisation.

Travel advice

For anyone who is going to arrive with public transport we have some advice:

• The big city closest to Skaryszew is Radom (less than 15 km). The easiest way to travel to Radom is by train. You can check the train connection on the website: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/?q=en/node/143 . In Radom train station and bus station are pretty close (A – bus station, B – train station):

• From Radom to Skaryszew you can get by bus (they travel often). This is the website with bus schedule : http://en.e-podroznik.pl/

If you have any doubts or need help with planning your trip, do not hesitate to contact us.

Program of the action

Soon the detailed agenda of STOP Skaryszew will be available on our website. But until it occurs we want to give the most important information so everyone can initially plan his participation in the action.

There will be two main stages:


We start on Sunday (26th February 2012, 6 pm). We understand that you will come from across the Poland so every person who comes late will join us in our actions.

Operational activities will consist in:

• Entrance control

• Control actions at the market (we will give you the details on the spot)

We ask you to be prepared for the fact that conditions can be hard – it will be cold and dark, we will be tired and sleepless.

Bring necessarily:

• Flashlights

• Photo cameras

• Cameras

• Food and hot drinks

• Warm clothes

2. DAY

Starts on Monday 27th February 2012. At 10 am we will start the demonstration against selling horses for slaughter. Everyone will be able to sign our petition. On this day we will all document selling of the horses and slaughter transportations.

Everyone has to decide for himself in which phase of the action wants to take part. Of course we invite you to participate in both stages. We believe there will be many of us!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Action will be carried out in accordance with the law, relevant authorities have been notified. Participants must be of legal age.

In Skaryszew we all will have to say goodbye to horses which go for slaughter. Now it’s the time to say – enough!

Join us!

For this protest STOP SKARYSZEW 2012 we have established Federation, which is supposed to join organization and specialists. They will participate in actions taken in actions taken as part of the action.


We are looking for following specialists:

-        vets

-    lawyers

-    horse breeders

-    horse competitors

-    horse competitions’ judges

-    zootechnics

-    people who are able professionally identify a horse based on horse passport.

At the same time, we entourage to contact us All organziations and foundations pro Animals, who want to participate in STOP SKARYSZEW  2012 Protest.

In this matter, please contact us:

phone - +48 536 696 200  (Justyna Kowalska)

mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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